Spokes of an Uneven Wheel


From seaside resorts, cocktail parties and the hearthside comforts of domestic bliss to dive bars on the fringes of unemployment and the disreputable hinge-points where every universe is an alternate universe, Spokes of an Uneven Wheel is a compact, ambitious work of poetry. Published by Main Street Rag Publishing, it’s the culmination of years of work, and decades of hard questions and hard-won development as a poet.    

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“When I read Colin’s work, one of his own lines comes to mind: ‘What persists / is glad amazement.’ His work consistently delights with humor, inventiveness, a blessed dose of sarcasm and, yes, wisdom (despite his best intentions). We are all ‘born for that other thing,’ and this is that other thing.”  – Sharon Mesmer, author, Greetings from My Girlie Leisure Place

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“Colin Dodds’ cataclysm of phrases and lines, broken by a tough guy making good on his promises, has got the Zarathustra thunder of myth and the You Can’t Win resignation of Jack Black (not the singer, the old grifter-writer who sent William Burroughs to the interzone). He provides us with sharp knives of the low life mind and a cathartic liturgy genuflecting for an exit. Spokes of an Uneven Wheel speaks for noses out of joint, joints out of town, and entire towns out of luck. And we are there too, among the overcast of characters. Maybe we’re at the helm of a ship that sunk before it was built. Or maybe we’re prisoners not of walls, but expanse, free to roam forever with zero chance of escape. Being bad at things is the one thing we’re good at. Like a singer songwriter whose masterpiece depends on laryngitis and a guitar in the pawnshop, in total exile from easy street. But exile from is also exile to, where despite the bleak economics, overbooked disappointment calendars, and a landscape of scapegoats, we prevail together. Life is uneasy, dark, and essentially impossible, yet here we all are. Under Dodds’ gaze, our existence is the obtained unobtainable which easily surrounds the darkness… sometimes.” – Brendan Lorber, author, If this is paradise why are we still driving?

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“People pick up a book of poetry at leisure, but can find themselves stopped in their tracks, pacing the room, weeping at an insight or a way of looking at things that simply hadn’t found that magic formula of words to express before. Colin Dodds is the kind of writer who believes in this.” – Blognostics

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“A vividly and inventively dark dystopia… This is intelligent writing, the images are often startling and usually thought-provoking… Powerful work and well worth anyone’s time.” – Pulsar Poetry


“Dodds does imagery well… his philosophy sometimes sings… marvelous individual lines… wonderful poems are usually created from wonderful lines. This book’s journey is Recommended.” – Galatea Resurrects


“Dodds crafts narratives that breathe life into the overlooked… Spill-O is the martyr of the authentic conscious mind, journeying and suffering at the hands of the corruption and sickness that plagues the linguistic and sentimental plains of Spokes… the perspective that Dodds offers in Spokes of an Uneven Wheel is honest and unflinching…” – Furious Gazelle




Here are a few poems from the book that you can read right now:


















You can buy it here: https://mainstreetragbookstore.com/product/spokes-of-an-uneven-wheel-colin-dodds/

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