screen-shot-2020-12-13-at-12.17.49-pm It’s 1991 in New York City. It’s the perfect racket. See the ‘true’ story of gangsters, extra-terrestrials, consumer electronics, and the marketing campaign that brought it all crashing down. Also available on Vimeo. 


But Let’s Not Talk about Work is a short film written and directed by Colin Dodds. It’s a paranormal and comedic take on dating, economic crisis and the dark forces in the big buildings. After one too many working weekends and office anecdotes, Adam’s girlfriend leaves him. But having logged so many years as a banker for demonic forces, he discovers that finding love isn’t so simple. And when he finally meets a woman who understands how his job really works, the real trouble begins. But Let’s Not Talk about Work was named an official selection of the 2017 Black Bear Film Festival. 20170718_173802


Refreshment is a feature-length screenplay about how Coca-Cola renames the nation of Mexico, for marketing purposes and the Pepsi-sponsored civil war that follows. Traveling the corridors of power, underworld enclaves, with cartels, ambitious corporate mercenaries and over-privileged addicts.

Refreshment was named a semi-finalist in the 2010 American Zoetrope Contest.

To contact Colin, please use the form below.

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