But Let’s Not Talk About Work


But Let’s Not Talk about Work is a short film written and directed by Colin Dodds. It’s a paranormal and comedic take on dating, economic crisis and the dark forces in the big buildings.

After one too many working weekends and office anecdotes, Adam’s girlfriend leaves him. But having logged so many years as a banker for demonic forces, he discovers that finding love isn’t so simple. And when he finally meets a woman who understands how his job really works, the real trouble begins.

But Let’s Not Talk about Work was named an official selection of the 2017 Black Bear Film Festival.20170718_173802.jpg

Here’s the trailer:

And you can watch the whole movie here:


“The final product of ‘But Let’s Not Talk About Work’ in being a fully formed short film is respectable. The core idea of this short is strong… This fresh perspective of the combination of real world and demonic come as a pleasantly intriguing concept… Kyle Minshew’s portrayal of protagonist Adam is exceptional…” – UK Film Review

Or you can purchase it here:


Or here:


Or you can watch the film, and vote on it here:


You can learn about another of Colin Dodds’ screenplays here:


And you can learn more about the cast, the production, the soundtrack and the script of But Let’s Not Talk about Work here:


For inquiries about the film, or to reach the filmmakers, please use the form below.

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