Ms. Never

“an exceptional work… a fantastical tale…” – Kirkus Reviews (STARRED REVIEW)

“a wildly entertaining novel.” – Indies Today (5/5 Stars – a finalist for the Indies Today Best Books of the Year Award)

“a soaring novel, an imaginative, creative triumph” – Lost Coast Review

extraordinary and unreservedly recommended…” – Midwest Book Review

“After reading Ms. Never, you will never again look at the world in the same way” – Samsara Magazine

“Smart and mysterious… sure to satisfy” – Independent Book Review


Ms. Never is the story of a woman with apocalyptic depression, and a guy who buys human souls using the terms of service in cell-phone contracts. They fall in love and soon have to risk everything to save their family – and reality itself.


“(A) transfixing, fantastic narrative… The author executes the story with exacting, direct prose and characters who live and breathe in the mind… an exceptional work. Existential dread takes on new meaning in a fantastical tale…” – Kirkus Reviews (STARRED REVIEW)

“Ms. Never is a big-picture novel, which encompasses the nature of reality, the universe, and life after death… a crazy world, but even the craziest parts of it have a ring of truth to them… Dodds’ prose is exquisite… Farya’s battle is the battle we all face: to impose a meaning on a world we only partially understand by fighting to retain what is worthwhile and battling against those people and events that cheapen everything around us… Ms. Never is a soaring novel, an imaginative, creative triumph and one that has some power to change the reader” – Lost Coast Review

Ms. Never is a trippy look at a distorted future with plenty of surprises. Colin Dodds channels Philip K. Dick with a splash of the Great Gatsby thrown in for glitz in this wildly entertaining novel.” – Indies Today (5/5 Stars)

“An iconoclastic, original and deftly crafted science fiction novel by an author with an impressive flair for the kind of imaginative and narrative driven storytelling that fully engages the reader from beginning to end… extraordinary and unreservedly recommended…” – Midwest Book Review

“Smart and mysterious… With themes uniquely developed and a musicality to the prose… this is a great story with a powerful theme and just about enough mystery to keep you asking questions. It introduces a really unique concept on understanding depression and its impact… this one is sure to satisfy” – Independent Book Review

“Ms. Never is a novel about worlds both seen and unseen, and those that shape them… the efficient prose, fascinating characters, and mind-bending ideas make for an easy read… After reading Ms. Never, you will never again look at the world in the same way, and never stop looking for the unseen forces that keep it spinning.” – Samsara Magazine

“I have never read a book that portrays some of the symptoms of mental illness in this way, and I fell in love with Colin Dodds’ one-of-a-kind story line… I can’t recommend this novel enough. Ms. Never appeals to a variety of audiences due to its genre-crossing story line, and I hope that you will pick it up as soon as you can! This story will leave you forever changed. – Reedsy (Best Books of the Week, “Must-Read” Review)

MS. NEVER is a vast, multifaceted undertaking… adjectives like ‘riveting, complex, detailed, skillfully crafted’ come immediately to mind… delves into comparisons between worlds imagined and worlds that were… manipulating spiritual infrastructures, making a fast buck from knock-off universes… chock full of intriguing ideas” IndieReader Reviews

Ms. Never

By Colin Dodds

470 Pages, 5X8

Hardback, Paperback, Ebook and audiobook

Science Fiction, Literary Fiction

Publication Date: November 1, 2019

ISBN: 978-1690788140

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Farya Navurian seems like an ordinary young woman trying to get ahead in the city while struggling with depression. But her depression is anything but ordinary – it has the power to destroy time and space. Growing up the moody daughter of a space-faring hero of The Greater Anointed Imperial Ohioan Commonwealth, Farya annihilated most of that world and its history, leaving behind the husk-like Buckeye State.

One day at a record swap, she meets Bryan, a divorced telecom CEO. More than record collecting, what they share is that they each carry a howling secret. Bryan’s business is a cover for a bigger operation that buys human souls and sells luxury afterlives using shady terms of service in mobile-phone contracts.

The two of them fall in love, and as they start a life together, their secrets back them into a corner where they have to come clean – and take drastic steps – to save themselves, and possibly reality itself.

Ms. Never is a distinctly 21st-century vision of consent, memory, and the ways we create and destroy the world every day.




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