The 6th Finger of Tommy the Goose

THE 6TH FINGER OF TOMMY THE GOOSE from Wintry Micks Productions on Vimeo.

With help from extraterrestrials, a young criminal rises through the ranks of the mafia in early ‘90s New York, at the expense of his friends.

It’s 1991 in New York City.

It’s the perfect racket.

See the ‘true’ story of gangsters, extra-terrestrials, consumer electronics, and the marketing campaign that brought it all crashing down.

Outstanding Achievement Award – Mockumentary/Docucomedy Short – 2023 IndieX Film Fest 

Finalist – Best Mockumentary Film Award – Texas Short Film Festival

Finalist – Portland Comedy Film Festival

Official Selection – Poor Life Choices Comedy Film Festival

Official Selection – Short Screenplay – 2023 IndieX Film Fest

Official Selection – 2021 Berlin Lift Off Festival

Official Selection – 2023 Unnamed Footage 24 HR Festival


“I can’t tell if it’s fictional or not… a well-structured film, alluding to that Scorsese style… a very well written piece…  expertly performed.” – UK Film Review

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