The Blue Blueprint

blueblueThe Blue Blueprint is the first book of Dodds poetry to hit the literary world since The Last Man on the Moon. Its uniqueness, wordplay, wit and ebullience shine through in poems about the struggle to love, the September attacks, the shape of the world and of ourselves, as well as a handful of songs and the introduction of Spill-O, a character who is sure to linger in the memory and the dreams of readers and poets for years to come. Moving through the sub-basements of Brooklyn, the glistening spires of midtown Manhattan, the woods and beaches of the Northeast, The Blue Blueprint is as complete a picture of the world as has been attempted in poetry in the last fifty years.

Now out of print, you can still get a copy here:

And you can hear a few tracks from it, with music by Matthew Dublin here:


To contact the poet, please use the form below.

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